It snowed again yesterday afternoon and most of the night, resulting in about 3-4 more inches of fresh snow. According to Dan Baumann of Golden Eagle, he’s measured 4.75 inches of new snow over the last 7 days, with 13 to 15.5 inches of snow in the woods.  Today’s StarTribune claims you have to go to Wisconsin or Chicago to find snow right now. Guess they don’t know about the Gunflint Trail!

Groomers went out on both sides of the trail system, so by the end of the day the entire system was newly groomed. The North-South link has had serious slush problems and hasn’t been groomed in awhile, but the prediction is for below freezing temperatures tonight.   We’re thinking that should put an end to the slush so we can start to work on the link Friday. 

With this new snow, much of the stubble on Beaver Dam, Ridge Run, and Bear Cub is disappearing and select trails have improved from conditions of good to great. Poplar Creek is mostly good, but continues to have one section through an area that is swampy in the summer that would benefit from a little more snow. 

The pine tree boughs are once again coated in glistening snow — perfect for taking pictures.  Should be beautiful skiing this weekend.


It’s a gorgeous sunny day on the Gunflint Trail! Groomers were out this morning on both sides, so the trails should be at their best.

Dan at Golden Eagle was out measuring this morning and reports that we have an average of 13-15 1/2 inches of snow in the woods. The packed trail base seems to be coming in at between 4 – 5 1/2 inches.

Golden Eagle groomed this morning and reported conditions to be good on Upper Ridge Run with west end Lower Ridge Run fair; Upper Beaver Dam is good with some stubble still showing on those trails. Moose Pasture, Wolf Point, West End Logging Camp, Deer Mouse, Cross Fox, Red Pines, Moose Ridge, and Logging Camp on the north side of Flour Lake are in excellent shape.

On Saturday, Bearskin groomed Lower Beaver Dam, Summer Home Road, Campground, Lit Loop, and Ox Cart.  Those trails have had good snow for the longest time and have been groomed the most often, so they are in great shape. Bear Cub was also groomed Saturday and is in good shape. Poplar Creek Trail was groomed this morning.  Most of the trail is nice, but there is an area that is swampy during summer months that could still use more snow.  As long as you expect that section, it doesn’t seem to be a problem.

Lots of skiers out there today and they all seem very, very happy to be out enjoying the snow.


We received between 4-6″ of snow on Saturday. Quite a few Thanksgiving holiday guests went out on skis Saturday afternoon just to try an early season ski.  They reported that breaking trail through the fresh snow was fun, but not exactly a speed skiing experience.

Andy took the Tidd Tech G2 out today on the Campground loop and made a nice corduroy surface.  Perhaps it would be OK skiing with rock skis.  It’s a start. We eagerly await the addition of more snow.

Winter season begins!

We’ve received 4 – 5 inches of powdery snow over the past few days. Naturally, Bearskin staff members were out attempting to ski in the areas with the best accumulation — but it’s not very doable yet. 

The lake is beginning to freeze.  The ice is far, far from safe yet, but is getting more solid by the day.  The first ice formations were immediately covered by falling snow, so unless the ice melts and refreezes later (which often happens), it looks like we won’t start with a totally smooth ice surface.

Bob has started packing the Summer Home/Campground Loop, but there is still some potential for Summer Home owners to still drive in on the trail.  We probably won’t block it off to them until after Thanksgiving.   Bottom line is that it looks like we’re off to a good snowy start for the season!

Season ski passes are available for sale now at Bearskin and Golden Eagle.


3.7.11 Gentle snowfall, no wind, trails groomed

Beautiful, soft snowfall right now with large, fluffy flakes.  The center sections of the system (Beaver Dam, Summer Home, etc.) were groomed this morning after yesterday’s snowfall.  Quinn is heading out to do Poplar Creek and Oxcart this afternoon with the G2, even though it is snowing at the moment, as he’d like to stay ahead of it.  Some forecasts indicate we could have a full week of this type of March snow.  We’ll be out there.


Trails are in good shape.  We had a considerable amount of snow and blowing over the weekend.  Our groomer was out on the trails even when it was still snowing; the entire system was regroomed.

Some trails have been touched up since then.  Quinn went out again and redid Poplar Creek and Oxcart on Monday; Summer Home, Campground, and Lower Beaver Dam on Tuesday; and the North-South Link and most of Bear Cub today.  The Death’s Door hill is not done, as a piece of grooming equipment broke at that point today.  Ridge Run, Upper Beaver Dam and all trails on the north side of Flour Lake have recently been renovated by Dan, the Golden Eagle groomer. 

We are expecting more snow over the next 24 hours.  Our groomers will go out again whenever the snow stops.  Conditions can change quickly, so if you want the latest info on the trails we encourage you to call Golden Eagle or Bearskin Lodge to ask.  We get many, many phone calls before weekends inquiring about trail conditions and both resorts will happily provide you with the most current updates over the phone.