Winter season begins!

We’ve received 4 – 5 inches of powdery snow over the past few days. Naturally, Bearskin staff members were out attempting to ski in the areas with the best accumulation — but it’s not very doable yet. 

The lake is beginning to freeze.  The ice is far, far from safe yet, but is getting more solid by the day.  The first ice formations were immediately covered by falling snow, so unless the ice melts and refreezes later (which often happens), it looks like we won’t start with a totally smooth ice surface.

Bob has started packing the Summer Home/Campground Loop, but there is still some potential for Summer Home owners to still drive in on the trail.  We probably won’t block it off to them until after Thanksgiving.   Bottom line is that it looks like we’re off to a good snowy start for the season!

Season ski passes are available for sale now at Bearskin and Golden Eagle.


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