It snowed again yesterday afternoon and most of the night, resulting in about 3-4 more inches of fresh snow. According to Dan Baumann of Golden Eagle, he’s measured 4.75 inches of new snow over the last 7 days, with 13 to 15.5 inches of snow in the woods.  Today’s StarTribune claims you have to go to Wisconsin or Chicago to find snow right now. Guess they don’t know about the Gunflint Trail!

Groomers went out on both sides of the trail system, so by the end of the day the entire system was newly groomed. The North-South link has had serious slush problems and hasn’t been groomed in awhile, but the prediction is for below freezing temperatures tonight.   We’re thinking that should put an end to the slush so we can start to work on the link Friday. 

With this new snow, much of the stubble on Beaver Dam, Ridge Run, and Bear Cub is disappearing and select trails have improved from conditions of good to great. Poplar Creek is mostly good, but continues to have one section through an area that is swampy in the summer that would benefit from a little more snow. 

The pine tree boughs are once again coated in glistening snow — perfect for taking pictures.  Should be beautiful skiing this weekend.

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