3.8.2019 More of the same great skiing

Skis on corduroy. Photo from Jim Williams.

Skis on corduroy. Photo from Jim Williams.

At this point in the winter of 2019, we have received well over 90 inches of snow this season, with no sign of winter ever ending.  Like most of Minnesota, we expect more snow this weekend, but we sure don’t need it. The cycle of regular grooming continues as usual. We have a large group of Twin Cities skiers here now who are associated with one of our favorite ski stores, Gear West, and they are loving the conditions.

We’ve been seeing more moose action out on the ski trails this past week.  Let us know if you spot one!

A Central Gunflint Trail ski pass is required to use our trails; passes are for sale at Bearskin Lodge and Golden Eagle, just a little farther up the Gunflint Trail. You can access the ski trail from either resort, you just start in different sections of the system.  Parking in the day skier lot can become challenging on Friday and Saturday after about 11:30 AM, so we encourage you to come early and make a full day of it.  We’ll have chili and soup available all weekend for lunch, or enjoy an espresso, hot chocolate, or a glass of wine or beer in front of the lodge fireplace.

2 thoughts on “3.8.2019 More of the same great skiing

  1. We didn’t particularly get 3 days of rain up here. There’s been some rain and some warm temps, but it’s snowing and only 20 degrees now. We have lost a little snow and certainly the snow is not as perfect as it was last weekend, but we still have a huge base. Groomers are waiting for it to stop snowing before they head out on the trails. Our new Pisten Bully has an excellent tiller and most likely they will be able to recreate a nice trail surface again.

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