3.20.2021 Summer Home and Campground are your best bet

We took a quick trip to the Twin Cities and realized that essentially the Gunflint Trail has the only snow left anywhere. It looks like April all over the state, including the North Shore and Grand Marais. It’s not until you have gone up the Gunflint Trail hill some distance that you start to see the first signs of snow.

Bob groomed Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday mornings. On our return back to the area, it looks like most of the side trails have seen better days and have some bare spots. Summer Home and Campground are still good, about 6+ miles of skiing.

We have rain or rain/snow in the upcoming week’s forecast, depending on which forecast you believe. If it’s a hard rain, that might be the end for ski season 2021. If it’s snow, we’ll try to groom again.

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