3.23.2021 Enough snow to groom again!

It’s snowing! Theoretically we could get 4″- 6″ tonight, and then our temperatures stay a bit wintery for a few days. Bob will groom Summer Home and Campground ski trails in the morning, both of which still have remaining base in most places. Then he will decide if he can travel onto some of the side trails with the groomer. We shall see. Most likely there will be at least 6 miles of skiing open for the next few days, perhaps even more.

Bearskin is still full and busy, but most of our guests made peace with the possibility that skiing had come to an end and they were just going to enjoy being out in our beautiful woods. Well, surprise, surprise, pack your skis.

Bring your camera, too. We have regular late March guests who always make a point to check on the eagle’s nest. They report that the eagles are back. Quinn skied out to see for himself and had a great view of one of the eagles perched near the ski trail. The eagles’ return doesn’t often overlap with the ski season, so this is a cool opportunity to ski by them on the nest. Ask at the front desk if you don’t know where to look, and we will show you the place on the ski map.

Plus, we have a good northern lights forecast Sunday – Tuesday. It won’t be ideal conditions for a light show because the moon will be full, but it’s still worth a try.

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