3.16.2021 Still skiing, but trails are winding down

Our trails are holding up well in light of the low snow. We did not receive the snowstorm that hit southern Minnesota yesterday. There are some bare spots developing on the trails where the sun hits, especially on south-facing hillsides. Summer Home and Campground Trails still have a significant base, 8-10 inches in most places, and they should hold up for quite awhile longer. That equals about 6 miles of good skiing; we will keep it going as long as possible.

Bob groomed Summer Home, Campground, Beaver Dam, and Ox Cart Monday morning, and did a quick run again on Summer Home/Campground today. Skiers are pleased with the results.

Conditions are typical of spring skiing — hard trails in the morning, then the snow softens up when the sun hits it later in the day. With our warm sunny forecast, conditions will probably deteriorate unless we get more snow. We will just have to see what happens. It looks like the wrap-up to a very strange winter, but this is the Gunflint Trail — one never knows what the weather will do next.

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