Grooming update 12.22.20

New snow measurements taken today at Golden Eagle:

New Snow Last 24 hours:  1/8”
New Snow Last 7 days:  2.75”
Trail Base, Staked:  Average 3”
Snow in Woods, Staked:  Average 4-6”
Surface Conditions:  Fresh snow
Last grooming day:  12-22-20
Total season snowfall:  16.25”

It snowed all day Tuesday, in preparation for the real dump of snow that is supposed to fall all day Wednesday. Finally, some serious snowfall is on the way.

Bearskin has most trails on the south side of the Central Gunflint Trail System groomed and open for both skate and classic skiing. We hope to get in a little grooming on Wednesday morning to freshen up a few trails, but realistically there will be major grooming on Thursday and Saturday. The predicted snowfall is exactly what all the trails need in order to go from “OK” to “great.” At this point, Poplar Creek on the west side, as well as Moose Ridge and the BWCA trail on the east side have not had enough snow yet to groom. Perhaps they will open later during the weekend, if we get the amount of snow they are predicting.

On the north side of the system, Logging Camp, Deer Mouse, Cross Fox, and Red Pines all are groomed with a classic track. Golden Eagle has a new Pisten Bully groomer this year, similar to the one that Bearskin owns, so they are excited to get out in some serious snow with their new machine. Some additional info from Golden Eagle about the north side trails: “Other items worth mentioning:  North-South link north of Summer Home Road is open but is incredibly rocky yet and only groomed with a skate lane. Cabin Loop is also very rocky and only groomed with a skate lane. There is still some dirt present on some sections of the groomed trails, so B-skis are still our go-to right now.”

Predictions are for 4 to 7 inches (or more — the amount keeps increasing!) of new snow within the next 24 hours. As is often the case, the snow is falling over the holidays when our families are celebrating and many staff members have gone home, so you can anticipate that the grooming schedule will be a bit slower than usual. No one will be in the office on Christmas Day, so wait to call with your grooming questions until 12/26 or after.

Watch for another update here after the snowstorm.

Note:  Grooming frequently occurs between the release of new trail reports. Expect trail grooming after every significant snowfall. For the most current grooming information, as well specific trail conditions, please contact Bearskin Lodge (218-388-2292) or Golden Eagle Lodge (218-388-2203). Central Gunflint Ski Pass Required. Passes can be purchased at both resorts. Masks required for pass purchases.

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