Central Gunflint Trail conditions 12/21/2020

Yes, the Central Gunflint Trail System has skiing! Once again, we are one of the few places in Minnesota with natural snow for cross-country skiing. Do we have the amount of snow that we normally have in the days right before Christmas? Nope. Are people having a great time skiing? They are loving being able to ski in this snowless winter! We are lucky to be in the sweet spot that always gets snow, even in a terrible snow year.

Most trails on both sides of the ski system are open, with “early season,” low snow conditions. Campground and Summer Home Trails have been open for weeks and have been groomed numerous times. They are the best trails at this point. Most other trails have been groomed for the first time in the past few days. They have typical low snow conditions, with some sections that are good and some sections that need more snow. Quinn groomed both Oxcart and Bear Cub this morning for the first time. He was very happy with both of them, but especially with Bear Cub.

It’s been snowing almost every day, so that’s helping. Call either Bearskin or Golden Eagle for updated information about what is open.

Things you need to know this year:

  1. Ski passes are for sale in service areas at both Central Gunflint Trail resorts. One person at a time inside and please wear masks, according to Minnesota law. You don’t need a mask to ski, but you do need one to buy tickets or rent skis.
  2. Neither of the main buildings at Golden Eagle or Bearskin Lodge are open.There are no indoor warming areas, no inside bathrooms, no indoor area to try-on skis. Almost every cross-country ski area in Minnesota is operating this way this year and yes, it’s sort of awkward. Use your car as your base.
  3. No indoor bathrooms this year: There are portapotties for day skiers at Bearskin and a shower house bathroom at Golden Eagle.
  4. Yes, we are renting skis but if you are not staying here, it’s more difficult than in the past: Ski rentals are not easy this year. Most Minnesota X-C ski centers are not doing ski rentals this year, but we will give it a try. It’s easy if you are in a cabin, but if you are visiting there is no good place to try on your ski boots. Know your exact shoe size. Hopping around on one foot in the snow while you try on multiple pairs of boots is challenging. Ski boots come in Euro sizes. Look inside your shoes to see if you can find that number, as that might help. If you will be a guest here, call us ahead of time and we will put ski equipment in your cabin.
Winter service window at Bearskin for purchasing ski tickets, renting skis, and buying gifts.
Bearskin service area in lodge entry — it’s small, but cozy.

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