12.26.20 11+ more inches of snow!

Trail leading to Oxcart on 12/24/2020

Wow, did we ever get a lot of snow! We’re excited to have great skiing for this holiday week.

A long-time guest, who has come up immediately after Christmas for 35 years, told us there’s never been a time in all those years when they didn’t have skiing. Honestly, we were getting a little worried that this would be the time when our trails would be a disappointment. Earlier, we’d received about 5 inches of snow and as usual, Summer Home and Campground were quite good, but the rest of the trails were C+ to B- skiing. Not a good base for the busiest week of winter.

Luckily, a major storm hit on Wednesday and dumped massive amounts of snow. We did not get any of the rain or ice that the North Shore received, just snow, snow, and more snow. Both sides of the trail system were Pisten Bully groomed on Thursday, and then groomers went out again this morning, so the majority of trails are now in very good condition. Skiing went from OK to great in just a couple days.

There are a few trails that are on the verge of opening, but that aren’t ready yet. They are the usual culprits, always the last trails to be groomable. The plan is to try to get Poplar Creek open during the day on Sunday. The BWCA section is still not ready. Lake connector trails have been snowmobile – groomed, but we need more ice in order to take the Pisten Bully groomers across the lakes. Overall, the vast majority of trails are open and in great condition. Each day that we go out grooming, this new snow will get packed down even more and conditions should continue to improve.

Important Day Skier Notes: You need to buy a Central Gunflint Trail pass to ski on our system. This is not a Minnesota state-funded ski trail, so the state ski pass does not apply. Both Golden Eagle and Bearskin Lodge are selling passes. You will need a mask to buy tickets (not needed to ski), and only one person from your group should come inside to buy tickets. Use your car as a base, there is no inside waiting area ta either resort. No bathrooms available at either lodge — Golden Eagle has a shower house bathroom open, Bearskin Lodge has those delightful blue outdoor porta-potties for day skiers. Ski rental is not easy this yearknow your shoe size exactly, since trying on numerous boots outside is awkward and cold. Boots are Euro sizes, but almost every shoe these days is labeled with both US and Euro sizes. Save yourself some trouble, and look at your exact shoe size beforehand. Parking on busy ski days is always more available at Golden Eagle Lodge — drive the extra mile and you’ll have easier parking (and a slightly warmer bathroom.)

For more info, give either Golden Eagle Lodge or Bearskin Lodge a call. You can also email stay@bearskin.com. Grooming frequently occurs between the release of new trail reports. Expect trail grooming after every significant snowfall. For the most current grooming information, as well specific trail conditions, please contact Bearskin Lodge (218-388-2292) or Golden Eagle Lodge (218-388-2203).

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