12.15.2017 Lots of newly groomed trails open!

After an amazingly early start to the ski season, a few days of warmer temps and blowing snow created very icy conditions.  We didn’t lose much snow, but the snow that remained had more in common with ice cubes than with snow flakes.  It was possible to ski, but the trails weren’t great.

Lots of fresh snow this week made a huge difference!  Quinn took the Pisten Bully groomer out on Summer Home, Campground, the Lit Loop, Upper and Lower Beaver Dam, Ridge Run, Oxcart, and Bear Cub trails.  Summer Home and Campground are the best of course, as they already had a very firm base from several weeks of previous grooming. The other trails all have a few spots of stubble and in places the tracks are a bit on the soft side, as usual for a first round of grooming; but everyone who has skied on the newly opened trails has been very pleased with the conditions.

All other trails are being packed and prepared. More trails should open soon.

The trees are coated in snow, so all the trails are very photogenic now. Bring your camera!

Ski passes for the Central Gunflint Trail system are available at Bearskin Lodge and Golden Eagle Lodge. All pass fees go towards the grooming and never-ending maintenance of trails through the deep woods.

The Central Gunflint Trail system is the only area ski system groomed and maintained by long-time, experienced groomers. We own some of the best and newest grooming equipment in Minnesota. The groomers at both Bearskin and Golden Eagle are good skiers, both classic and skate, and they often head out after a grooming session to test the trails themselves. Their expectations for the quality of our trails is very high.

Come on up and enjoy the experience of skiing on our beautiful, north woods trail system. We’ve done a lot of work to make your ski experience here one of the best you’ll ever have.

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