12.17.2017 Trail grooming continues

Over the bump!

Pisten Bully groomer going over the “bump” for the first time this year on the Bear Cub Trail


We’re back in that cycle of new snow falling every day, which is what makes Bearskin such a predictably reliable cross country ski center.  Quinn groomed Summer Home, Campground, Lit Loop, Upper and Lower Beaver Dam, and Ridge Run again today with the Pisten Bully.  Quinn and Kate have skied the trails several times over the past few days and they’re pretty happy with the results of the early grooming.  Summer Home and Camprgound have been groomed many times now since our first snow in late October, so they are by far the best trails at this point.  But the other trails on the above list are coming along nicely.  This evidently will not be a Christmas season with low snow conditions on the trails.

Two other trails, Bear Cub and Oxcart have been Pisten Bully groomed once. Quinn will continue to go out on those whenever it snows.  Poplar Creek Trail has been packed and in amazing news, the wet areas that always cause problems on that trail finally might be frozen.  It shouldn’t be too long before that trail is also groomed and ready to enjoy.

Lake trails are not open yet.  All other trails are in the process of being packed and prepared.  We will keep you updated on progress.

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