Current conditions — icy!

Our ski season got off to a great start.  We groomed Summer Home and Campground on November 3rd, possibly the earliest grooming date ever.  By November 15, Quinn and Kate had already skied 100 k on natural snow. Conditions were surprisingly good. And then the warm temps of November 24 arrived.

kate ski november 2017

Kate skiing on the trails before the warm temps created ice on Friday. With a little fresh snow we should return to these conditions. We didn’t lose base, but it’s rock solid snow.


We did not get the hard rain that most of the North Shore experienced, but we had periodic bouts of light rain during a 38 degree day.  Then, during the night, the temperatures plummeted.  Our world today is covered in a sheet of ice.

This resultant icy block of snow on the trails needs to be tilled, but we simply don’t have enough snow to safely do that.  Bob went out and groomed, but reported that conditions didn’t recover super well.  Now we need more snow.

The post grooming ski report from Bob:

Classic track:  Solid ice.  Not possible to set new track with our limited base.  Fast and fun for experienced skiers.  No fun at all for beginners.

Skate deck:  OK, once you get to Campground and Summer home.  Still icy and challenging.  Summer Home hill is dangerously icy.

Best choice today might be skied in tracks on ungroomed trails through the woods .


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