12.17.2016 More snow, more trails groomed

We didn’t get the massive dump of snow of snow that the southern part of Minnesota received in the last 24 hours.  This is a pretty typical December snow pattern for the state, with early snow coming in from the south.

We have been receiving snow almost daily, slowly building base. Today Quinn was able to add several new sections to the the list of groomed trails in the Central Gunflint Trail system.

Summer Home and Campground Trails were groomed again Friday and Saturday.  As always, they are still the best early season trails. Skiers really enjoy getting out on those big wide trails. The new Pisten Bully does a remarkable grooming job.  Bob and Quinn feel like driving the new groomer is a completely different experience than driving the old one, which was to be expected with new technology; but the surprise was how much better the end product turns out to be. It’s a complete love-fest when skiers come back from Summer Home Road these days.

Ridge Run and Upper Beaver Dam were groomed Friday.  Quinn called them “fair, mostly good with a bit of stubble and a few exposed rocks.”

Lower Beaver Dam and Oxcart were groomed Saturday. That was the first grooming for Oxcart, and it went surprisingly well.  Again, there is stubble in places and a few rocks, but overall these two trails may be slightly better than the Upper Beaver Dam/Ridge Run section.

The rest of the trails are being packed and rolled, so when we do get that next big snowstorm the trails have a solid base.

Much of the state has warm temps in next week’s forecast, so they will lose some accumulated snow.  Not us.  This snow is here to stay!

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