12/13/2016 We are skiing!


Winter is here.  It’s been snowing at Bearskin for a few weeks now; we’ve been getting an almost daily dose of new snow, which is how we like to build our base, a few inches at a time.  The trees are nicely coated in snow, so it’s very picturesque on the trails.

Summer Home and Campground trails are open and have been groomed several times.  The new Pisten Bully leaves a 12 foot wide trail that is a joy to ski on.  Because of the rocky surface on the rest of our trails, we will need to keep building base before they are skiable.  Quinn groomed a section of Lower Beaver Dam on Sunday, but it still has a few wet spots and has a bit of stubble.  Our cold weather now should solve the remaining water problems everywhere.

Both sides of the trail system are being routinely packed by Bearskin and Golden Eagle Lodges.  We’ll let you know when the rest of the system opens up. We are discounting passes at this point, until more trails are available. Come on up and get in some early season skiing.

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