12.16.2015 Bearskin Lodge grooming plans

Good news, bad news/ski trail edition: The good news is that we received 10-12 inches of new heavy snow on top of the snow we already had. We did not get the rain that demolished much of the snow on the North Shore. If you have early season Bearskin Lodge reservations you can quit fretting about whether there will be enough snow to ski. We are in good shape now.

The bad news is that if you are local and wanted to come skiing in the next 2 days, you’re not going to see much grooming happening on the Bearskin side of the trail system until Saturday morning. Everyone who can run the groomer will be gone for a family event. Quinn plans to groom a little in the morning, but then he’s gotta go. So the real grooming won’t start until this weekend.

Plan accordingly.

All we see in the weather forecasts now are more pictures of snowflakes for our area.  The winter fun has just begun.

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