12.10.2015 Something new on the Central Gunflint Trail System

Look what arrived at Bearskin yesterday!

pisten bully lessonsBob with quinn and Dave looking

It’s a brand new Pisten Bully 100 trail groomer, to replace Bearskin’s stalwart 1987 model.

More info and pictures here.

The new PB 100 will groom wider trails, and will leave a smoother ski surface.  It also can groom with less snow. Up here on the Gunflint Trail we don’t usually have the low snow issues that often plague the rest of Minnesota, but it will still be nice to get out to groom as soon as possible.

This is also a much faster machine.  The Central Gunflint Trail ski system is huge, so even with a groomer on each side of the system and the back-up G2 snowmobile groomer, it will usually take all day to groom the entire system after a big snowfall. With the new PB 100 we should be able to finish many trails faster.

We’ve got the machine, now all we need is more snow. You can see in our pictures that in spite of the statewide warm temps, Bearskin’s snow remains. There’s more snow coming in the near forecast. We’ll take some grooming pictures as soon as we can.

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