12.18.2015 Trimming trees, packing trails, and grooming

Our snow conditions went from worrisome to amazing in one day. We now have ample snow to go into a great ski season.

Don’t start to worry if you drive up and see minimal snow cover all the way up the North Shore and in Grand Marais.  As is often the case, you’re in for a pleasant surprise once you start to drive up the first big hill of the Gunflint Trail.

This heavy snow has created what we always refer to as bend-downs, thousands of small trees laden so heavily with snow that they arch into the ski trails, often breaking into pieces on the trail.  Quinn groomed Thursday morning just after the first big snowfall and reported that it was “groom 100 feet, then stop and cut down trees, groom another 100 feet, stop and cut down trees again.” Both Golden Eagle and Bearskin Lodge are working on clearing all the trees, but it may take some time.

Summer Home, Campground and the Lit Loop will be groomed again Saturday morning. They have been cleared and should continue to be good. To be updated on the status of all the other trails, call Golden Eagle or Bearskin directly to find out.  Both resorts will have every available staff person out for the next few days clearing, packing the snow, and grooming.  We’re optimistic that all of our trails will be available very soon.

Ski passes are now available at both lodges.  Consider investing in a season pass if you will ski often–it’s a cheaper route to go if you come up regularly.

Pictures and the Bearskin Blog, with more snow information, can be found here.


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