It’s been a bit warmer than we’d like it to be for the past couple days, but luckily we have lots of snow so the sunny days and warm temps have had very little impact on our snow cover.  Trails are all recently groomed and in good shape.  The sun is out and the sky is clear today, making the ice coated trees sparkle in the sunlight.  It would be a gorgeous day to be outside enjoying nature.

This has  been a wildly busy weekend, but we predict that the next few days will be quieter.  Bearskin is lucky to be almost full for most days through early March, but for some peculiar reason the next week is almost empty.  Some combination of Superbowl Sunday, a 3- day weekend coming up soon, and who knows, maybe  the alignment of the stars, made this a week when people didn’t take off work to go skiing.  We’re running a nice “3 days for the price of 2 days”  special in some of our cabins as an incentive to drive up an enjoy our wonderful snow.  Our musher has many dog sled trip appointments open this week, our massage therapist will be here Tuesday and Thursday, and Chad is taste-testing his new restaurant menu choices on Tuesday —  lots of fun to be had here at Bearskin over the next few days, at a very affordable price.  Check out www.bearskin.com or give us a call at 800.338.4170

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