All the trails on both sides of the system were groomed over the weekend.  Then (of course!) it snowed like crazy until about noon today.  We received about 2 inches of new snow this morning, on top of our already abundant snowfall.

 The groomers were out on the system all day again today.  Check in at the lodges before you go out on the trail system right now, especially if you’re planning to skate ski.  A few trails are in the midst of a process for flattening out the surface, so the skate lanes are temporarily altered.  
Skiers are seeing lots of animal activities on the trails right now.  A moose trashed the trails on Bear Cub over the weekend, happily demolishing  tracks so that the entire trail had to be regroomed. Three or more very large Pileated Woodpeckers have been “posing” for pictures along the Beaver Dam trail.  Fox tracks are everywhere — even on our lodge decks!  It’s a great time to view winter wildlife.
And if you decide to come up to stay or ski, drive watchfully on the Gunflint Trail, especially after dark. Almost everyone has been spotting moose standing in the trail in the evening hours.  They are a sight everyone hopes to see in this area,  but not especially in front of a vehicle!

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