Conditions: Good to Excellent

According to measuring done by Dan Baumann at Golden Eagle the average packed base base on trails right now is 6 – 6.5 inches — more on Summer Home, Campground and rails that received good snowfall earlier in the season.

He reports that “The warm up last weekend didn’t hurt us too much. We lost a little over an inch on the trail base and the snow in the woods was reduced by a couple of inches, but conditions remain very good. Bearskin was out earlier in the week grooming and Golden Eagle was out today on the other side of the system using the snowcat and renovator. We were just about done grooming when a thick flurry of snow came down! ”

The new snow gave everything a fresh, white look again and according to skiers who’ve been out today, probably improved the skiing by covering a few icy spots. We don’t have a lot of new snow in the immediate forecast, but temps shouldn’t be high enough to cause much melting.

As usual, we’ll have chili, soup, and hot chocolate available in the lodge this weekend. Skiers are gradually catching on to the secret of Sunday soup at Bearskin — until it’s gone, Sunday soup is always the same soup Chef Scott Bergstrom served for the 4-course fine dining on Saturday night. Our usual soup is good, but Scott’s soup is extraordinary. We frequently also have cake or another dessert on Sunday to enjoy with your hot chocolate or coffee. Again, it’s whatever remains from the fine dining on Saturday, so the desserts are beyond good, they’re fabulous. It’s an extra incentive to enjoy our ski trails on the less busy day of each weekend.

We’re occasionally asked if it is workable to ski all day at Bearskin and then dine at the lodge Saturday night, even if you aren’t staying here.  While we offer a 4-course fine dining experience, you don’t need to dress as if you’re in a fancy restaurant. Ski clothes are just fine in our restaurant.  If you would be happier if you changed clothes and cleaned up before dinner, talk to our front desk staff.  We have a couple of options for where you could go to change.  Skiing and dining all on one trip is very doable.

For the latest trail report you can call Golden Eagle at 1-800-346-2203 or 218-388-2203 or Bearskin at 218-388-2292 or 1-800-338-4170.

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