Oxcart Trail 12.16.10

Here on the Gunflint Trail we continue to get a gradual accumulation of new snow. We never received the mega-dump of snow that made headlines in the Twin Cities, but we’ve received a nice amount of snow in regular 2″-5″ increments.  We enjoyed reading about the massive snowfall in southern Minnesota, but we like our snow in smaller doses, thanks.

Almost all trails on both the Golden Eagle and the Bearskin sides of the Central Gunflint have now been groomed at least once.  Many trails have been groomed several times at this point.   A few of the big, refrigerator-sized boulders still protrude from the snow in spots on certain trails, but that is to be expected at this point. A skier can see the big rocks well ahead of time.

There are some trails that have yet to be groomed.  Poplar Creek mysteriously still has running water over it in one area.  We had a run of -20 degree weather, so this is peculiar. 

The area old Old Logging Camp Trail in and adjacent to the BWCA has not been groomed yet, but should be done soon.

Not all lake crossings have been groomed.  Any lake trail that we can do with the snowmobile Tid Tech G2 groomer has been done, but lake trails that must be groomed with the much heavier pisten bully groomers have not been groomed yet.  Inquire at the resort where you buy your ski pass to get the most current lake crossing conditions.

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