More snow

Yesterday was gorgeous and sunny, but today we are back in the old cycle — snow, snow, snow.  Bob is planning to make a first pass across the lake from Bearskin to the Campground Loop today with the snowmobile to begin packing down that trail.  It will be quite awhile yet before we dare take the pisten bully across the lake, but this is a good early start.

Skiers have been out almost everyday on the groomed trails and overall they are reporting good early season conditions.  Bear Cub, in spite of several packing runs and being groomed with the pisten bully, still seems to be a little on the soft side.  There’s considerably more snow up there, so it probably will require more packing time.  Skiers are generally pleased with Summer Home, Campground, Lit Loop, Beaver Dam and Oxcart Trails at this point.

The forecast is for Bearskin to receive 2-4 more inches of snow today.  It’s coming down pretty seriously now.  Day by day, we’re building an excellent snow base for the rest of winter

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