We’re ending 2010 on a great note — the trail system is in wonderful shape.

Everyone assumed we were hit with the rain that most of Minnesota received yesterday, but actually it had very little effect on our trails.  We had a foggy, misty day without the downpour reported on the North Shore and in other parts of the state.  The moisture turned to big flakes of snow and by early this morning about 4-6 inches of new snow had been added.  All of the trail system on both sides was groomed this morning, with the exception of Oxcart.  Poplar Creek had so many bent down trees (again) that Quinn had to stop the Pisten Bully constantly and get out the chain saw, so he never got to Oxcart before dark.  They expect to groom it tomorrow morning, unless it is snowing again–very possible.

Our trees are all flocked with snow, so it is very beautiful on the trails.  Skiers were reporting fantastic conditions today.  Bearskin is totally full plus the trails were mobbed with day skiers today, so this afternoon we saw dozens of happy people return from their skiing afternoon. Skiers universally reported great conditions.

Just a reminder–the Central Gunflint Trail system is not part of the Minnesota ski pass program.  We are encountering more people lately who don’t  realize this.  You do need to buy a Central Gunflint Trail pass in order to ski our 70+ K of groomed trails. We groom our own trails without any financial assistance  from the state of  Minnesota; it is a very expensive proposition to groom so many trails through the deep woods.   Golden Eagle and Bearskin both sell Central Gunflint Ski Trail passes.  Our groomers and staff members out on the trails do check for passes, so please stop in at one of the lodges and buy your pass.

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