Groom…more snow…groom…more snow…the winter cycle

Bob and Quinn were out all day yesterday working on grooming trails.  It snowed.  Quinn is back out this morning, redoing yesterday’s work.  This is the endless cycle that helps us build a nice winter snow base, but it does have a sense of futility.

If you’re thinking of skiing, give our front desk a call for the latest news on which trails are ready. This on & off snow cycle makes getting current info via the blog somewhat unreliable, but our front desk staff always know exactly what is groomed.

Please be sure to stop in to buy a trail pass.  The Central Gunflint Trail System is not a free ski trail, nor is it part of the Minnesota system.  We get no monetary or physical help to maintain these trails; Bearskin and Golden Eagle owners and employees spend hundreds of hours and a great deal of fuel to make it possible for you to ski on wilderness trails.   If you use the trails, contribute to their maintenance by buying your pass.  Both Bearskin and Golden Eagle can sell you Central Gunflint Trail System passes. There are many options.  If you plan to ski often, a season pass may be your best bet.  If you are a late starter, the discounted “after 1 PM” pass may be your best bet.  We have discounted kids’ rates and good deals on mutli-day passes.

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