Conditions: Good.

We received about 3 inches of new snow overnight, opening up a few trails for the first time this year. Summer Home Rd and the Campground loop are as good as ski trails get, with skate lanes and tracks. Upper Beaver Dam, Lower Ridge Run, The Lit Loop, and parts of Logging Camp have also been groomed. No tracks on these, and still stubble and an occasional rock, but a few more inches of snow will take care of that. This evening we will be grooming Ox Cart, and laying corduroy on the lake down to the edge of the BWCA.    (Quinn McCloughan)

Lake skiing continues to be good. Skiers are venturing out on routes that are far better known as canoe trips than as ski trips.

Report posted on www.skinnyski.com from Skinny ski team member Grant Nelson, one of several Skinny Ski team members staying at Bearskin this week:

Conditions: Good for those of an adventurous spirit.

Today, we skied into the Boundary Waters from Bearskin Lodge. 3 inches of fresh powder slowed us down slightly and gave us a great leg workout. The portages were gorgeous with freshly fallen snow laden on pine branches. We ended up investigating Johnson falls, which was a fabulous ice-sculpture waterfall. In the afternoon, we skied on the freshly groomed Bearskin trails along the Summer Home Road and Campground loop. Most of the trails are rolled, but rock-skis are recommended. The groomer is hoping for a few more inches of snow before he takes the Piston Bully out… (Grant Nelson, Skinnyski.com Race Team)

More ski reports at: http://www.skinnyski.com/trails/traildetail.asp?Id=48

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