Skiing into the BWCA

The flurries this morning gave us a glimmer of hope.  Maybe we’d finally get the snow we need for a fully functioning trail system.  But sadly the snow has stopped, leaving us with little more than a dusting.  This lack of snow has prompted us to get a bit creative.  The Campground Loop and Summer Home Road are the only trails with enough snow to ski.  They are both groomed for skate skiing and do not have any tracks yet.   To expand our limited selection of ski trails we’ve begun to think outside of the box, or at least outside of our (now uselessly extensive) trail system.  To expand our skiing options we’ve groomed all the way into the north arm of the lake where it turns into the BWCA.  Some intrepid skiers have been taking advantage of the snowy lake to venture into the Boundary Waters.  But hopefully more snow will come soon and we can rely on our tried and true trails once again.

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