12.25.09 Still snowing, grooming on Saturday

Here in the tip of the Arrowhead region, we didn’t receive nearly as much snow as some areas to the south of us.  The large snowcloud on the radar has been located between Silver Bay & Duluth since sometime yesterday afternoon, with the tip of the Arrowhead largely out of the cloud most of the time.  It’s been snowing consistently since sometime last night, but it’s not heavy.  We honestly would have liked to receive more.  And of course, we will. 

Bearskin should have this side of the system fully groomed by the end of the day tomorrow (Saturday).  Little serious grooming is happening today on this side of the trail system, as our employees are off for the holiday and it is continuing to snow and blow.  A few skiers are out there, but this afternoon it’s a bit of a “back country” experience.  Temps are fairly warm, though.

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