Tuesday, 12/23 Trail Conditions

Trails were regroomed on the 22nd. Skiers report “excellent” conditions nearly everywhere.  Due to early season rolling and packing there is a good firm base on the trails.  Classic tracks are hard and fast.  New corduroy set up beautifully, but skating is slow due to cold temps.   As of noon on 12/23 new snow was falling, so there’s probably an inch or two of light power on the trails.

Monday, 12/22/08 Trail Conditions

Entire system is groomed and tracked. Quinn and Bob were out Monday with both groomers  to regroom after the 4 inches we picked up Saturday night. Because of early rolling and packing  and cold snow conditions, the skate lanes are very firm.   Average of 15 inches of snow in the woods with depths up to 20  Consistent 6 inches of base throughout the system with considerably more in many places.  The North South Link trail across Aspen Lake is closed at the moment due to extremely slushy conditions and a short section of Poplar Creek is less than perfect as it travels through a swamp with hummocks and frost heaves.  Otherwise conditions are good to excellent.