3.31.2022 That’s a wrap for grooming, folks

What an amazing ski season. So much snow, such great skiing. One of the best ever. It was a fun winter.

We still have lots of of snow, and probably will have it until …June. But we’ve run out of groomers. Both lodges are closing for the month of April, and the grooming crews are both going on vacation. So if you have a season pass, feel free to ski as long as you wish but expect to soon need to ski-in your trails. Both resorts will have staff and family on site and in the lodges during April, but it’s a time for cleaning and repairs.

Golden Eagle plans to groom on their side at least one more time, even though they are now closed. They will sell still half-price day passes while the grooming is good. On the Bearskin side it is possible that Quinn will groom a few trails — after all, Miss Molly must keep skiing. But all grooming ceases over here when they leave for vacation this weekend.
We will do it all again next winter!

Still skiing, but the grooming is about to end for the year.

3.25.2022 What a crazy night!

The wind howled, the snow blew horizontally, trees came crashing down, and the power went out repeatedly. Wind speeds were recorded as high as 66 mph in the Grand Marais Bay. Probably not that high in the Trail, but windy enough here to move lots of snow.

They regroomed this morning; Poplar Creek will not be done until later this afternoon. We had a couple inches of new snow that set up perfectly on top of the existing firm base, which resulted in setting a really nice track and an excellent skate deck. Conditions are surprisingly good for the end of March.

It is still quite windy. Expect windswept spots on trails and perhaps a few branches blown down. The sun is out, the sky is clear, and it’s a beautiful day to ski.

3.24.2022 The last spring snowstorm?

After a few days of warm temperatures and melting, it snowed heavily over the past two days. It’s a winter wonderland out there today. The fresh snow was wet and fell during fairly warm temperatures, but it groomed up nicely. Tomorrow the forecast predicts the weather will get colder again. We’ll just have to see what effect 20 degree temps have on this wet snow. Meanwhile, guests and visitors reported lovely skiing this morning and afternoon.

This may have been the last grooming of the season, or at least one of the last trips out in the groomer. Both Bearskin and Golden Eagle are closing for guests on April 1 this year. It is unlikely either groomer will go out after that date. Season pass holders are welcome to ski for as long as the trails are viable.

3.17.2022 Spring Ski Conditions

After a long winter with no melting ever, deeply cold temperatures, and massive amounts of snow that needed to be groomed almost every day, we finally developed “spring skiing conditions” over the past couple days.

Don’t worry, our snow won’t disappear for a long time. Bob and Kaitlin were just out on the trails and they report “some of the nicest classic skiing we’ve had all year.” (Not good skate skiing at these temps, of course).

Molly reports it’s “good.”

We probably have more snow coming, and more than likely it will get cold again. We still have more snow than we know what to do with. So skiing has morphed into slightly different skiing this week, but winter is surely not over yet.