3.31.2022 That’s a wrap for grooming, folks

What an amazing ski season. So much snow, such great skiing. One of the best ever. It was a fun winter.

We still have lots of of snow, and probably will have it until …June. But we’ve run out of groomers. Both lodges are closing for the month of April, and the grooming crews are both going on vacation. So if you have a season pass, feel free to ski as long as you wish but expect to soon need to ski-in your trails. Both resorts will have staff and family on site and in the lodges during April, but it’s a time for cleaning and repairs.

Golden Eagle plans to groom on their side at least one more time, even though they are now closed. They will sell still half-price day passes while the grooming is good. On the Bearskin side it is possible that Quinn will groom a few trails — after all, Miss Molly must keep skiing. But all grooming ceases over here when they leave for vacation this weekend.
We will do it all again next winter!

Still skiing, but the grooming is about to end for the year.

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