2.3.2018 More of the same–excellent conditions

Not much new to report on the Bearskin ski trails.  If you’ve heard there was terrible melting on the North Shore and the trails are in bad shape, well, that’s not us. We’ve had a number of phone calls from people telling us that our snow must have all melted, but actually, we received a considerable amount of snow on Tuesday and have been receiving additional little snowfalls all week. Our altitude and distance from Lake Superior creates a different weather pattern up here, so we’re in our own winter weather world at Bearskin Lodge.

Come up and enjoy great skiing.  Soup, chili, wine, beer, hot chocolate, cookies, and espresso are available in the Main Lodge all weekend.

Some parking thoughts:  Parking may be a problem on the weekend.  If you can’t see a place to park, please walk up to the Main Lodge and talk about parking options.  We have alternatives.  Last week day skiers left a truck parked in our cabin road, and then (of course!) we had a medical emergency from someone blocked in by the truck. Not cool.  Park sensibly, and if you think you’ll need to leave a vehicle in an awkward spot, we’ll help you find a better place to put it.  Another option:  drive a little farther and park at Golden Eagle Lodge.  Same trails, different access, fewer parking issues!

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