1.16.2018 More new snow on the Central Gunflint Trail

It snowed again mid-trail on Monday afternoon.  This morning, in the bright sun, the bright white fresh snow crystals made our world sparkly.  Temps are warming up over the next few days, so the skiing for this weekend should be ideal.

Everything was groomed again over the last 24 hours, with the exception of Poplar Creek and the short BWCAW Logging Camp section. Those will be done on Wednesday morning.  It’s stunningly beautiful on the trails.

We’re often asked about how we get such a perfect ski surface on our trails.  Bearskin has owned various versions of a Kassbohrer Pisten Bully snow groomer for more than 3 decades. Dave Tuttle was an early believer in the quality of this grooming equipment. He even went to Germany to watch the assembly of one of his first Pisten Bullies.

Our old PB did a great job, but after purchasing the new machine, we’ve been amazed by how perfect it leaves the trails. Many grooming technology improvements have been made in 29 years!  We love how our trails are wider and firmer than they’ve ever been before.

Pisten Bully

PIsten Bully taking a break by the Lodge.

We also appreciate the greatly diminished number of stories from Quinn and Bob that start with “and then the (fill in the blank with something huge and terrible) broke when I was 10 miles away.”  It’s nice to know that when they go out to groom on a cold day, they probably won’t be limping back with a broken PB. The novelty of a machine that works well will never wear off.  🙂

Come and ski with us this weekend. We have a few cabin openings.  If you come to day-ski, there will be soup, chili, and hot chocolate in the Lodge when you need to warm up. Loon Lake Cafe will be open Saturday night, with Derek Hofeldt cooking favorites from Loon Lake Lodge’s summer menu. More info here.


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