1.14.2018 Latest snow measurements for Central Gunflint Ski Trail

The folks at Golden Eagle have been out with their ruler on the Central Gunflint Trail trail system.   Here are the stats:

Central Gunflint Ski Trail Conditions on January 13, 2018

New Snow Last 7 days:  6.25”
Trail Base, Staked:  Average 6.5 – 8”
Snow in Woods, Staked:  Average 13 – 14”
Groomed with classic track:  70 km
Groomed with skate lane:  54 km
Surface Conditions:  Fresh groomed snow
Total season snowfall:  41.50”

Comments:  The Central Gunflint Ski Trail System received a healthy dumping of 5 inches of new snow on Thursday, January 11th. Both groomers were out there right away and got to work; all trails have been re-groomed. A large dumping of snow like that is extra helpful in leveling out some of the more uneven trails. The skiing is awesome! If you thought it was great before, you should see it now!


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