3.28.2017 Nearing the end

We still have snow — lots of snow, actually. However, grooming for the season is realistically over.  Quinn groomed the trails south of Flour Lake on March 24 – 25 after a new snowfall and that will be the last time the Pisten Bully goes out this year.  The strong sun and spring-like temps during the day are too warm to keep the trails nice now.  It’s been a great season, but we are ready to see all this snow go!

You can still come up to ski, as long as you have realistic expectations.  We usually open the ski trails to snowshoeing at some point.  We’re not there yet, but perhaps soon.

Next step:  Watch Facebook for the ice-out contest. Our ice went out on this date several years ago.  Not this year, for sure!

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