3.18.2017 We’re still skiing and it’s pretty darn good!

We groomed much of the system today. It’s surprisingly nice.  New snow the past few days created a fresh surface to groom.  Quinn said it was a pleasure to groom new snow instead of continuing to try to shape the older, icy stuff into a skiable surface, as he’s been doing for the past few days.  Looks pretty out there too, with a nice froth of snow on all the pine trees.

How long will this last?  At this time of year we never know.  When the snow starts to go it usually disappears pretty fast.  But right now the only sign of spring we’ve had is hearing a few spring bird songs.

Cabin rates are at their seasonal low point right now, “Value Season” rates.  Come up and get a taste of winter in 2017, before our winter is gone for good.

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