1.28.2015 No “livid” skiers here

Today’s StarTribune reports that skiers in Minnesota are “livid” about the lack of snow in the entire state.  That’s weird. We see skiers all day every day and none of them look very livid to us.  Mostly they seem quite happy. Thrilled even.  After all, when you’re skiing in ideal winter conditions, there’s not much to get livid over.

Our phone calls are going like this each day:

flash sale newsletter short JPG


Watching the melting snow drip off your roof day after day does get old. We might get livid too, if all we’d done this winter was wait for winter weather to appear.   But you can find winter on the Gunflint Trail  — it’s here, waiting for you.

We’ve put together some nice winter packages to entice you up north. Our musher, Erik Simula, has many openings for dog sled trips and Chef Scott Bergstrom has an awesome menu planned for dining every Saturday. More than 40 miles of beautifully groomed ski trails await you. We have a surprising number of openings this weekend, which is normally one of the toughest weekends all winter to find a spot here — it’s not too late to drop everything and make a plan to head up north.   Visit www.bearskin.com

The latest numbers, from the measuring man Zach Baumann, at Golden Eagle:

Central Gunflint Ski Trail Conditions on 1-28-15

  • New Snow Last 7 days:  3.95”
  • Trail Base, Staked:  9” – 12” average
  • Snow in Woods, Staked:  Low 14”   High 20”
  • Groomed with classic tracks:  70 K
  • Groomed for skating:  53.4 K
  • Surface Conditions:  Fresh Packed Powder
  • Last grooming day:  1-27-15
  • Snowshoe trails:  Open
  • Total snowfall since Nov. 1:  55.30”
  • Comments:  We’ve had beautiful weather these past few days with highs in the upper 20’s and now 3.25” of fresh snowfall again on January 26th. All trails have been freshly groomed and are in excellent shape; ski conditions are fantastic! More snow is predicted to fall before the weekend which means no rest for the groomers. We don’t mind, though; the snow-covered wilderness is absolutely gorgeous now!

Please contact Golden Eagle Lodge (1-800-346-2203) or Bearskin Lodge (1-800-338-4170) for specific conditions and grooming information on each trail or route. Central Gunflint Ski Pass Required.


1.27.2015 ski trail

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