1.21.2015 Life in a snow globe on the Central Gunflint Ski Trail

Poplar creek

What a beautiful winter this is turning out to be!   A guest who has been coming up to ski since 1989 summed it up perfectly today:  “The best snow conditions and best temperatures we’ve had for years.”   Last year we did have amazing snow, but it was coupled with brutal subzero temperatures and frequent high winds.  It was difficult to actually have fun. We feel like any guest who skied here last year and still opted to come back this winter must be very brave! Luckily, it’s payback time for those people.  This year they are skiing in outstanding winter conditions.

We’ve been living in a snow globe lately.  Every day it seems to snow those big soft, shiny flakes that are reminiscent of the fake snow that comes down on a movie set. Granular-looking snow, so when you look at the snowbanks it’s as if you can see every distinct particle that accumulated to make the snow mound. It means that we’ve had to groom often to keep everything in great shape.  Both resorts have been out on the trails repeatedly all week, freshening the tracks.

Zach Baumann at Golden Eagle has been out on the trails with their measuring stick. Here is their latest report:

Central Gunflint Ski Trail Conditions on 1-21-15

New Snow Last 24 hours:  0.8”

New Snow Last 7 days:  4.1”

Trail Base, Staked:  10” average

Snow in Woods, Staked:  Low 13”   High 20”

Groomed with classic tracks:  70 K

Groomed for skating: 53.4 K

Surface Conditions:  Fresh Packed Powder

Last grooming day:  1-21-15

Snowshoe trails:  Open

Total snowfall since Nov. 1:  51.35”

Comments:  It’s been a busy week for both groomers with new, fresh snow coming down each day since the 17th. Trail conditions are excellent and the scenery is gorgeous!

We have now passed a benchmark for total snowfall on the year at over 50 inches since November 1st. With total snowfall now at 51.35 inches, we are slightly ahead of where we were last year on this date, which totaled 50.40 inches. At this rate, we are looking at another 120 inch season! Keep it coming!

Please contact Bearskin Lodge (1-800-338-4170) or Golden Eagle Lodge (1-800-346-2203) for specific conditions and grooming information on each trail or route. Central Gunflint Ski Pass Required.

Snow Totals

November Total 2014 – 14.25 inches

Dec 1 – Dec 7:  1.75 inches
Dec 8 – Dec 14:  8.75 inches
Dec 15 – Dec 21:  11.0 inches
Dec 22 – Dec 28:  3.5 inches

Dec 29 – Dec 31:  0 inches

December Total 2014 – 25.00 inches

Jan 1 – Jan 4:  7.0 inches

Jan 5 – Jan 11:  1.0 inches

Jan 14:  .375 inches

Jan 17:  1.0 inches

Jan 18:  1.175 inches

Jan 19:  0.75 inches

Jan 20:  0.8 inches

January Total 2015 – 12.10 inches                           

Total Snowfall 2014-2015 – 51.35 inches

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