12.22.12 More trails open

Quinn went out on the TiddTech groomer this morning  and was able to groom a few more trails in the system.  Campground, Summer Home, and the Lit Loop were regroomed today. Quite a few skiers are out there this afternoon, so we’ll be interested to hear what they have to say about trail conditions. 

Upper  Beaver Dam and Bear Cub Trail were groomed and tracked for the first time today. We also groomed a 4K  loop on East Bearskin Lake. 

Bit by bit we’re accumulating snow, although it will take a 4-6″ snowfall in order to open some of the other trails.

If you drive up to Bearskin, you are not going to see any snow until you are quite a distance up the Gunflint Trail. Grand Marais looks especially discouraging, with remnant piles of dirty gray plowed snow on every corner, but no snow covering the grass.  Don’t let it worry you.  Once you start to go up the Gunflint Trail hill, you’ll begin to see white snow-covered areas again and as you get nearer to the Mid-Trail area you’ll notean increasing number of  picturesque pine trees with snow-covered boughs.  We wish we had more snow, but we’re very grateful (again!) for our snowy location.

Our new employee Dave has been working all afternoon to clear an ice rink.  If previous history is any indicator, that means we’ll be surprised by a huge snowfall tonight. 🙂

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