We haven’t posted anything new in awhile because…well, because nothing much has changed.  We didn’t lose our snow like most of NE Minnesota did during the rain last Saturday, but we haven’t gained a great deal of snow either.  It seems to snow a bit almost every day, so our trees are coated in white and our snow looks fresh.  We are still waiting, though, for the big snowstorm that will give us 4-6 inches of additional snow to top off the trails enough to groom more of them.

Summer Home, Campground, and the Lit Loop are groomed and tracked.  We’ve groomed a path on East Bearskin Lake and we will  groom some additional lake trails on Friday.  The rest of the system has been packed in various ways.  Based on the many ski tracks we saw on the packed trails, numerous  skiers have been out there giving the packed trails a try.  But realistically, we would like the trails to have much more snow than this.  The Central Gunflint Trail Ski Trail System is fortunate to once again have snow when the rest of the area doesn’t have any, but we would certainly be grateful to get more snow soon.

12.10.12 kate skiing uphillOPT

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