11.27.12 Great news — Jen “found!”

The Gunflint Trail Volunteer Fire Department, the group of well-trained area volunteers who would rescue you if you were ever lost or injured up here, conducted a training session on our trails last night. The good news is that they “found” Jen, so she didn’t have to sit endlessly by the lake in campsite 5, pretending to be lost. The bad news is that all the trails will need to be regroomed after all the “searching.” Current conditions give new meaning to the trails being “tracked.”   We suggest that you don’t come skiing this morning, so you don’t have to ski through the footprints of a dozen searchers.    Trails should be good again later this afternoon.

In general, skiers have been quite happy with the trails over the past few days.  “Surprisingly good” is what we’ve heard repeatedly.  We will still need more snow to open most of the trails, but Summer Home, Campground and even the Lit Loop all offer a good “first ski of the year” experience.

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