11.26.12 First grooming of trails

First trails groomed this weekend. We’ve had 8-15 inches of snow, depending on where you measure, and it has continued to come down daily. Most of our trails are being packed and rolled–they’ll need more snow before the big groomers can get out on them. But we were able to get out on Summer Home and Campground with the G2 groomer. Skiers reported back yesterday that they thought conditions were quite good after the first grooming.  Tracks should have set up a bit overnight and should be even better today.

As soon as it snowed, skiers were out on te trails. This is after Campground was rolled but before it was groomed. 

Grooming the trail

We are able to groom early snow with the Tidd Tech G2 groomer, which doesn’t need as much snow as our pisten bully requires.

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