12.29.11 The REAL ski season can now begin!

We’ve had a little bit of snow everyday this week,enough to keep the available trails fresh but not really enough to open more trails. On Wednesday the big snow finally came.  It snowed all day yesterday, it snowed all night, and it’s still snowing. 3 groomers have been out on the system since early this morning. It will take awhile to get the whole system done, since it’s the first time this season for many of these trails, but it looks like we received enough snow that every trail should be available.

Grooming our side of the system takes 8-12 hours; the Golden Eagle side is comparable. Groomers have been out since before dawn, but this will be the first time many trails get groomed this season.  It won’t be fast grooming.  Expect a lot of new trails to be open today, but don’t anticipate that everything will be done if you arrive in the morning.  It does take time.

But at last, we have a decent ski season!

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