Merry Christmas!

We’ve had some snow over the past few days, but not the 4-6″ that was forecast.  Nonetheless, in small increments the snow is adding up.  We are thinking about trying to groom Beaver Dam Trail on Monday.

Meanwhile, Summer Home, Campground and the Lit Loop continue to be great skiing.  They are all groomed and tracked; skiers are reporting good to excellent conditions.  All the other trails are packed, so exploratory skiing on those trails has been entertaining for some skiers.

Bob packed and groomed the Man -vs- Dog trail on East Bearskin Lake.  It’s lake skiing, but gives skiers another option while we wait for more snow. The trail is about 5 K  long and is groomed for both classic and skate skiing.

On the Golden Eagle side of the trail system, Deer Mouse, Red Pine, and Wolf Point were just  groomed. Conditions are reported to be good.  There is also a lake loop now on Flour Lake.

The snowshoe trails, of course, are also a fun option at this point.

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