10.22.11 Getting ready for the ski season

 A defining part of our life at Bearskin is that we are on a constant mission to  improve everything.  But sometimes we just get so accustomed to the way something looks, that it is easy to quit noticing.  Such is the case with the ski shelters in our area of the Central Gunflint Ski Trails.  Bob and Quinn were out trail trimming one day when it suddenly occurred to them that ski shelters looked…well, terrible. How hard would it be to spruce them up?

As it turns out, the answer is: not very hard at all. A little paint, plus a bit of time and effort, can certainly make a big difference.

The ski shelter on Poplar Creek Trail. 










Somebody’s been eating our ski shelter!


A few tools gathered together. What a lovely place to spend the day working. 









Plus, we called in the high-powered help: Ruby.  She already supervised the building of a camper cabin, so she’s a pro at this stuff.


The building needed a new roof.


And 2 gallons of fresh paint!

Lots of “forest service brown” paint, plus a new map frame, really spiffed up the little building.








Bob and Quinn worked on all of our ski shelters last week. As you can see by the pictures, the shelters now look much better!

The idea of making a nicer, more serious warming house out on a long ski trail, perhaps Poplar Creek, has been under discussion–perhaps a building big enough to be more of a ski lunch destination.   It might not even be feasible, but we are wondering if this idea would be of interest to our skiers?  What do you think?

1 thought on “10.22.11 Getting ready for the ski season

  1. Works as it is. A wider bench would be nice and would work as a Table easier than the current bench. We’ve used it sking and while clearing trails.
    Joan Thom Len Lewis

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