2.18.11 – 2.19.11

We didn’t lose much base during our 56 degree days (surprisingly!) but the surface of the snow is obviously quite icy, especially on lakes.  Wind gusts up to 40+ mph all Thursday night and Friday didn’t help. Groomers were out on both sides today. Can’t speak for the north side, but on this side of the system trails were blowing closed very quickly. Trees are also blowing down on the trails. 

Many skiers were out Friday, but most of them didn’t feel they could withstand the windchill temps very long. Quite a contrast to two days ago, when skiers were out shirtless or in shorts.  It’s been a good day to sit by the fire with a book, a beer, or a bowl of chili. Those cozy chairs in front of our lodge fireplace were very busy today!

We’re hoping for improved weather Saturday.  Groomers on both sides of the system are using every tool and implement known to grooming in order to bring the trails back to tip-top shape. At this point, though, until the winds die down a bit, great grooming will be a bit of a challenge. Some snow tonight would be nice.  Decreased winds and snow showers are in the current forecast. 

If you are thinking of skiing Saturday or Sunday, call the lodges to find out up-to-the minute grooming updates. The trails have been great all winter and we assume the groomers will soon have everything back in great shape.

New info Saturday:  Winds died down, sun came out, temps warming up. Much, much better day today.  Friday was probably the worst day this winter.  Groomers are out tilling and grooming the icy layer this morning, and unlike yesterday, the created layer of snow isn’t just blowing back off.    Between having to till the icy layer and needing to remove fallen trees, it is very SLOW grooming. West side trails, Oxcart and Poplar Creek, are the first to be done.  Skiers are reporting that Campground is still quite good from yesterday’s grooming, and Summer Home stayed fairly good except for a few windblown patches in the open areas.

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