High temperatures along the North Shore caused a considerable amount of  melting yesterday in that area, but luckily for the mid-Gunflint Trail area, it was not nearly as warm here.  Our trails are still in excellent shape. Various trails were groomed periodically during the past week, mainly just to keep the trails fresh looking.  The whole system, except for a few trails on the Flour Lake side, was groomed again Saturday morning.  Those last remaining trails are being groomed Sunday morning.

Skiers report great conditions.  Moose sightings, as well as many intriguing moose signs–tracks, bedding areas, clumps of moose hair —  have been reported all week on Beaver Dam, Summer Home, and Bear Cub trails.

Slush is appearing in spots on many lake trails, due to the weight of the heavy snow cover on the lakes. (Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean the ice is unsafe–but it can be hard to deal with slush on your skis).   We think colder temps this week could harden up the slushy spots again.

Don’t forget to register for Man -vs- Dog next weekend!  We still need more skiers.

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