1.24.11 Windy night, drifty day

Pisten bully headed out across East Bearskin Lake this morning

It started snowing hard yesterday afternoon, then the wind blew wildly all evening. The air is still filled with tiny sparkling flakes. The total accumulation wasn’t great, but there are massive drifts here and there. (Addendum after grooming:  Quinn reports that there was a much greater accumulation of snow than we first guessed, especially at higher elevations such as on Bear Cub.)  

We saw a few skiers out right away this morning, but honestly, there can’t be much left of the ungroomed trails right now. Sunday was a crazy windy night.

Quinn has headed out in the pisten bully, starting with Poplar Creek and Oxcart trails.  On this side of the system he will be the only groomer out today, as Bob has other repercussions of the windy night to deal with. You can expect that all the trails will get done sometime today, but not on the fast program.  Call the lodge if you want a current update of completed trails.

Addendum after grooming:  The grooming progress turned out to be slower than planned on Monday, due to deeper drifts and wetter snow than expected.  Poplar Creek, Oxcart, and Bear Cub are done.  Thye rest will be groomed on Tuesday.

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