There hasn’t been a lot of new snow since the last major grooming, but we did experience some blowing snow, especially on Thursday night.  On Friday Bearskin groomed Bear Cub, Summer Home and the Campground Loop.  Today much of the rest of the system is being groomed.   Call the lodge to get the current update on exactly which trails have been completed.

The Man versus Dog Ski Race is coming up on February 13.  We have our mushers, but we need more skiers to make this a success.  Call, mail, or fax a registration — you can pay later if you prefer.  We just need to know we have enough skiers to hold the race.  Lunch is provided to all participants after the race, prizes will be awarded, and the race itself will be, well…different.  You probably haven’t experienced exactly this type of race before!  Register now and join the fun.

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