3.13.10 Spring Conditions

Well the warm temperatures have kept up, even at night and we are slowly beginning to lose our snow.  Yesterday it rained in the morning, making the trails even slushier.  Despite these less than perfect conditions, a few dedicated skiers have ventured out onto the trails.  Snow still covers most of the trails and you can certainly still shuffle around a bit, although you may run into some bare spots and puddles.

We have not been out to groom in about a week, since the snow is so soft and in some places nonexistent.  We’ve been encouraging guests to snowshoe over ski since the trails may just be a bit too soft.  Although not perfect for skiing, the trails are still beautiful and they make you feel like you’re out in the wilderness.  They are a great place to witness this early change of seasons.  

It does seem like spring is just about here, but it’s definitely possible that we’ll see another big snow fall in which case we’ll be back on the groomer and eager to get the trails in top condition for late winter skiing.   Check back to see if winter makes a come back!

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